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The Weekly Almanac — Major Meteor Showers 2016
Persieds Meteor Shower 2015, by NASA/Bill Ingalls [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Radiant: Bootes
Active: Jan 1-5
Peak Activity: Jan. 3-4
Peak Number: 60-100 per hour
Note: Waning crescent Moon will aid visibility. Meteors may appear anywhere in the sky.
Radiant: Lyra
Active: April 16-25
Peak Activity: April 22-23
Peak Number: 20 per hour
Note: Full Moon will limit viewing; best time after midnight
Eta Aquariids
Radiant: Aquarius
Active: April 19-May 28
Peak Activity: May 5,6
Peak Number: 30 per hour
Note: Visible in both hemispheres but the southern gets the better show. New moon aids visibility.
Southern Delta Aquariids
Radiant: Aquarius
Active: July 12-Aug. 23
Peak Activity: July 28-29
Peak Number: 20 per hour
Note: A couple of hours before dawn the best time for viewing. Crescent Moon will be waning in late July. New moon in early August.
Radiant: Perseus
Active: July 17-Aug. 24
Peak Activity: Aug. 12-13
Peak Number: Maximum of 100 per hour.
Note: Usually one of the best showers to view. The moon will be waxing gibbous. Best times: after moonset and before dawn on Aug. 11,12, 13.
Radiant: Orion
Active: Oct. 2-Nov. 7
Peak Activity: Oct. 21-22
Peak Number: 20 per hour
Note: Waning gibbous moon interferes. Best time before dawn on Oct. 22. Meteors are debris from Halley's comet.
Radiant: Leo
Active: Nov. 6-30
Peak Activity: Nov. 17-18
Peak Number: 15 per hour
Note: Moon will be waning gibbous; best hours just before dawn.
Radiant: Gemini
Active: Dec. 4-17
Peak Activity: Dec. 13-14
Peak Number: 120 per hour.
Note: Big numbers make it an annual favorite; full Moon will interfere with viewing.
Source: NASA
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