Wild South Florida — Butterfly Weed
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Butterfly Weed
butterfly weed
Butterfly weed, photographed at Green Cay Nature Center in Boynton Beach. Other photos taken on Big Pine Key at the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge.
butterfly weed  

Butterfly weed, asclepias tuberosa, is one of a number of milkweeds that serve as host to the larvae of the monarch butterfly and other members of the genus, danaus.

It also is an important source of nectar for adults. It is one of more than 100 species of milkweeds found throughout the U.S. Butterfly weed ranges over most of North America, from the Canadian Maritime to California. It is found throughout Florida.

It is a shrubby plant, growing two to three feet high, and spreading about the same. The leaves are oblong, between four and eight inches in length. It is grown by gardeners to attract butterflies. It's also known as butterfly milkweed. butterfly milkweed, Orange milkweed, Pleurisy root, Chigger flower


butterfly weed in seed
Photographs by David Sedore
butterfly weed
  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) distribution maps for butterfly weed.  
butterfly weed north america
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