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Cypress Creek Natural Area
Palm Beach County
mottled ducks cypress creek natural area
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cypress creek north
cypress creek north
cypress creek north
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10035 Indiantown Road


This place is vast. So vast, that an afternoon's visit barely dents the potential of the Cypress Creek Natural Area. With 2,083 acres north of Indiantown Road, plus tracts south of Indiantown, it is among the largest natural areas in Palm Beach County, and among the newest.

It offers literally miles of hiking trails, some intended for equestrian use, bikes and foot traffic, some limited to foot only. There are also crushed-rock trails that are accessible. By and large, the area is wide open, the trails broad and easy to walk and follow. We've visited the area in winter and spring when conditions were dry, but we could see a few spots that would be under a little water and more challenging during the rainy season. There is parking, a few interpretive signs, shelters and observation platforms but no toilets or drinking water.

Cypress Creek covers seven habitat types, including cypress forest, pine flatwoods, wet prairies and marshes. We spotted a few wading birds, including little blue and tricolor herons, snowy egrets, sandpipers and kildeer. In wooded areas, we found red-bellied woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, warblers, and more. An unexpected treat in February: pawpaw in full bloom. In meadows, wild turkey. We also saw blue-eyed grass, roundpod St. John's wort, horned bladderwort, hat pins, purple thistle, American bluehearts, yellow-eyed grass, spatterdock and pickerel weed. Among the more common trees: slash pine, cabbage palm, live oak and wax myrtle. Update: Cypress Creek South Tract has opened.

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purple thistle horned bladder wort snowy egret red bellied woodpecker
killdeer pawpaw blue-eyed grass water toothleaf
spatterdock mottled ducks roundpod air plant
white vine phaon crescent tricolor heron zebra longwing
gator sweet scent carolina satyr butterfly southern dewberry
lichens coreopsis four-leaf vetch yellow flower
warbler yellow flower flea bane st johns wort
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