Wild South Florida — Duckweeds
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duck weed  

Tthe Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants divides Florida's duckweeds into two basic categories: giant and small. Giant duckweed (spirodela polyrhiza) , is the biggest of the species, but despite the name, is still tiny. It's also a Florida native. There are four varieties of small duckweeds, including water meal (wolffia columbiana), which at 1 to 1.5 milimeters, is the smallest flowering plant on earth. Spotted duckweed (landoltia punctata), is an import. The others are small duckweed (lemna valdiviana) and mud-midge (wolffiella gladiata). All are floating plants found in ponds, lakes and slow-moving waters and can form dense mats. Size and shape of the leaves, coloration and number of roots are a few of the features that distinguish one type from another.

duck weed

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