Wild South Florida — Eastern Ribbon Snake
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Eastern Ribbon Snake
Eastern Ribbon Snake
eastern ribbon snake face

You're looking death in the face. Really. Deadlier than the black mamba. Larger than the largest Burmese phython. Ok, we just made that up. The eastern ribbon snake, Thamnophis sauritus, is small and about as harmless as can be. Not only is it nonvenomous, it's extremely unlikely to bite you. The worst it can do is produce a foul odor from it's anus if it feels threatened. We did not make that one up.

Eastern Ribbon Snake  
It is a relative of the garter snake; it gets its name from its slender body. It will reach a couple of feet in length, but it is so thin that it can easily weave through the planks of a boardwalk, as the one at the left is doing. The eastern ribbon snake ranges throughout the eastern U.S., including Florida. Food includes tadpoles, fish, bugs, frogs and toad, and occasionally other snakes. The snake has white marks by their eyes and on the cheeks, which distinguishes them as ribbon snakes.
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