Wild South Florida — Everglades Morning Glory
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Everglades Morning Glory
everglades morning glory
Photo taken at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.
everglades morning glory  

This is one plant that is as much identifiable from the shape of its leaves as it is from the large flowers it puts out. Add in habitat and you don't have to be an expert to know that this is everglades morning glory, Ipomoea sagittara. Everglades morning glory, aka everglades morningglory, everglades morning-glory, saltmarsh morning-glory, salt marsh morning glory, is a short vine, usually between three to six feet in length. The leaves are arrowhead-shaped — in part

everglades morning glory

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that's where it's scientific name originates — long and narrow. The flowers are huge, seemingly out of scale for the size of the plant, pink to purple, with a deeper colored interior. It is a marsh plant, requiring wet to moist soil in order to survive. As its alternative names suggest, it does tolerate some salt, but we've seen it more near fresh water — Corkscrew and Loxahatchee. It is one of 25 or so members of the family Convolvaceae — morning glories — found in Florida. Its native range includes the Southeast U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. The Houma of Louisiana used everglades morning glory to treat swelling, poisons in the heart or blood and snakebites.

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