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Golden Rod
golden rod
golden rod  

An absolutely gorgeous flower. Few things on this earth are more inspiring than a field of golden rod on a bright October day.

But there is another side to golden rod that overshadows its beauty. The very name says allergy. It shouldn't. Despite having a reputation as a major source of the airborne pollen that makes us sneeze, golden rod is an innocent bystander.

The blame should fall on ragweed, with its wind-blown pollen. Golden rod has pollen is sticky, intended to be passed on flower to flower by bugs rather than wind.

Golden rods (there are as many as 70 in the eastern U.S., of which 21 make their homes on Florida, are members of genus solidago and part of the aster family. They're found throughout North America and every state of the Union. They're found in Central America and South America and even in Europe and Asia. Look for these beautiful flowers in open areas. The plant at the left was found in an open area of Delray Oaks Natural Area; the one below at Pondhawk.


golden rod
Photographs by David Sedore
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