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Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
Palm Beach County
gumbo limbo
butterfly garden
view from tower at gumbo limbo

1801 North Ocean Blvd.
Boca Raton


Gumbo Limbo is part preserve, part park and part research center situated on the west side of the barrier island in Boca Raton. It has a newly rebuilt boardwalk that meanders through a coastal hammock and a observation platform on the Intracoastal. A 40-foot tower that provided spectacular views of the surrounding area is, unfortunately, no more.

The boardwalk is well marked with interpretive signs. Plus, there are cards available that visiters can take with them that provide further information. The hammock is full of gumbo limbo trees and massive sabal palms, stoppers and a variety of other tropical hardwoods. The understory includes marlberry, wild lime, wild coffee and paradise tree. Mangroves take over near the water.

Gumbo limbo has a butterfly garden, where we spotted giant swallow tails, zebra longwings and monarchs and some warblers and painted buntings. It is a stop on the Great Florida Birding Trail. There are exhibition tanks with marine life, an open tank with a one-fin sea turtle named Finn and a sea turtle rehab center. There is access to Spanish River Park and the beach on the east side of North Ocean Boulevard. There is parking, but we're guessing it fills quickly during the season. The nature center and aquariums are open 9-4 Monday through Saturday; 12- 4 Sundays. The trails are open until sunset. A $5 donation is requested.

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