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High Ridge Scrub Natural Area
Palm Beach County
high ridge scrub
high ridge scrub landscape
high ridge scrub scene
high ridge scrub

7300 High Ridge Road
Boynton Beach


The thing that stands out most about High Ridge Scrub Natural Area is the terrain. Flat it ain't. Perhaps it's the result of High Ridge's distant past — a portion of it was used as a sand mine until the mid-1960s — but much of it is a series of rolling hills, making it unusual, perhaps unique, among South Florida natural sites. It also makes High Ridge fun to explore — you want to see what's over the next hill.

It covers 39 acres and a variety of habitats, including scrub and pine flatwoods, in central Palm Beach County. Parts of it are almost desert-like, with low, sparse vegetation. Prickly pear cactus, in fact, is one of the dominant plants. Species we spotted also include greenbriar, staggerbush, corky stem passion flower, partridge pea, east coast dune sunflower, saw palmetto, ball moss, Spanish moss, love vine, scrub oaks, Florida rosemary and largeflower rosemary. We've seen rare atala butterflies fluttering about the site.

There’s a quarter-mile accessible nature trail, and a 1.5 mile unimproved hiking trail, with benches and a shelter. An educational kiosk and brochures provide an idea of what to see on the site. High Ridge is about two miles west of the Rosemary Scrub Natural Area, which is situated on the east side of I-95. Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area also is nearby. There is a small parking lot but no drinking water and toilets.

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