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Hungryland Slough Natural Area
Palm Beach County
hungryland slough natural area
hungryland slough natural area
hungryland slough natural area
hungryland slough natural area

12385 Seminole Pratt-Whitney Road


Hungryland Slough Natural Area is a very wet place. It's nearly 3,000 acres of wet pinelands, wet meadows, marshes and swamps. Which is how it should be, and how it once was, once upon a time. Examine an aerial photograph of the site and you'll see the scars left from attempts to develop Hungryland into something much different. Walk the site and you'll see the remants of a network of canals once intended to make it a very dry subdivision. Instead of draining the place, their remnants now provide habitat for wading birds and other wildlife, and uniquely beautiful vistas into the heart of the natural area.

Until recently, the only public facility on the site was the Ocean to Lake Trail. Palm Beach County recently opened a parking area and a second trail. There are no restrooms or drinking water.

Hungryland is tucked between Palm Beach County's general aviation airport to the east and J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area to the west. Take Northlake Boulevard to Seminole Pratt Whitney Road and turn north. Seminole Pratt becomes a dirt road and eventually makes a right turn at the entrance to Corbett and the Everglades Youth Camp (shown on the map). Go through the yellow gate. The parking area is near the yellow gate at the far end of the road.

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