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Lantana Scrub Natural Area
Palm Beach County
Lantana Scrub Natural Area
Lantana Scrub Natural Area
Lantana Scrub Natural Area

Andrew Redding Road and Southward Drive

The impression you get when driving by the Lantana Scrub Natural Area is a work in progress. There’s no parking, no trails, no informational kiosks, not even so much as an official website. Yet. But there are signs that some efforts have been made to improve the property. There isn’t an entrance — but there is a sign that says the site is open for hiking, wildlife viewing and photography. You have to hop the fence to get in. Parking is available at the Lantana Lake Worth Public Health Clinic at the end of Southward Drive. 

The site is about 32.5 acres, and while there are no trails as such, there are maintenance roads around the perimeter and through the center of the natural area making it fairly easy to get around. The site is bordered on the north by the closed Lake Worth landfill and on the south by the health clinic and an undeveloped tract of land. There are no railroads, no busy roadways nearby. We visited the Lantana Scrub Natural Area in late March, and there was a profusion of pawpaw in bloom throughout the site. There was also fetterbush, hog plum, tarflower, scrub oaks, Florida rosemary, largeflower rosemary, scrub pines, saw palmetto, greenbrier and love vine throughout the site.

Note: for the map below, we used the address of the public health clinic, 1250 Southward Drive, since there is no address for this natural area, and because the clinic offers the most convenient parking. The site is north of Lantana Road, just east of I-95.

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mockingbird fetterbush pawpaw blue jay
large flower false rosemary deer moss yellow flower toadflax
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