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Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge — Lox Road Entrance
Broward County
alligator at dusk
An alligator swims at dusk, Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
loxahatchee nwr scene
loxahatchee nwr scene
loxahatchee nwr

Lox Road


This is the southern entrance to the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, and the only entrance to the refuge not in Palm Beach County. Pretty much the same rules apply here as they do at the headquarters entrance on Lee Road in Boynton Beach. There is a $5 per day fee per car; $1 for bikers or pedestrians. Annual passes are available for $12. Hours are sunrise to sunset.

The big differences between the two are what you'll see and what you can do. The headquarters entrance is much more developed, with a nature center, hiking paths, boardwalk, interpretive kiosks, boat ramp and fishing pier.

Lox Road is more primative, and the primary focus, really, is on the water. There is lots of water. Lots of fishing. Lots of boat ramps. Hiking is pretty much limited to the levies that bisect the water, one east, one south. You can bike the levies, but the surfaces are rough, and mountain bikes, or something similar, are recommended. The vistas atop the levies are spectacular, particularly in the evening. The water attracts wading birds, including great blue herons and green herons, which we spotted during our visit. Vultures congregate in large numbers at the spillway by the entrance. And of course, there are alligators. Lots of them. Getting there is fairly straight forward: head west on Lox (also called Loxahatchee) Road from its intersection with U.S. 441 just into Broward County. The entrance is at the end of the road, about six miles from 441.

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