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Pawpaw Natural Area — Open Land
Palm Beach County
pawpaw scene
There are a few areas within Pawpaw that are open, where grasses, groundcherries, tread softly — lots of tread softly — prickly pear cactus, east coast dune sunflower and other plants grow. There are a few non-natives, such as the mouther-in-law's tongue seen in the lower right. Also seen within Pawpaw Natural Area: devil's backbone, a truly bizzare non-native; on past visits, we've spotted Chinese violets, an invasive, growing in Pawpaw, but not this time. Also note the buildings in the background. No matter where you go, Pawpaw is so small that you really never escape the surrounding neighborhoods, but that really isn't the point to preserving this small tract of land — Photo by David Sedore
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