Wild South Florida — Raccoon
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raccoon in swamp  

Ah, the raccoon! Cute and cuddly, right? Not if you're a bird, or a turtle or even a nesting alligator. He's a major threat to you, and there's not a lot that will stop him from coming after you and your offspring. Raccoons are anywhere and everywhere there are trees — in town, in the 'burbs and in the wilds. While expanding development and agriculture have reduced the numbers of other species, in Florida they've actually boosted the raccoon population by providing more sources of food and eliminating predators.


turtle eating an apple
I mean when was the last time you saw a Florida panther, a red wolf or an adult alligator in your backyard? Occasionally a dog will get one, or a bobcat or owl, but generally speaking, about the only thing they have to fear is crossing the street. The variety of raccoon found in Florida — the northern raccoon — is the same one found in all 48 continguous states and parts of Canada and Mexico. They can grow to two to three feet in length, including the tail, and weight between 10 and 30 pounds. They are extremely adaptable, able to survive in the deserts of the southwest and in tropical forests. The raccoon's menu includes fruits, eggs, small animals and garbage.
raccoon with turtle
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