The Dry Season and a note on Hydrology

Riverbend County Park

nearly dry channel

Riverbend County Park is a wet place most of the year, but we hiked it in early June 2021 before the summer rains had begun and this is what we found. This normally is part of a kayak trail, but after months with minimal rains it had dried to the point where one could barely get his or her feet wet let alone take a kayak through. After a few weeks of rain, the trail was back to its normal self. While we're at it, it's worth a quick mention that construction of roads and canals, especially the C-18 canal in 1958, have altered the hydrology, or the flow of water, of the entire Loxahatchee River watershed, including the park. Since the 1980s, various governmental agencies from the feds on down have been working to reestablish and preserve the natural flow as much as possible in order to preserve the Loxahatchee and the lands that surround it. Back to the Beginning.


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