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Rosemary Scrub Natural Area
bird on dead tree
rosemary scrub landscape
rosemary scrub
rosemary scrub landscape

2901 Seacrest Blvd.
Boynton Beach


The Rosemary Scrub Natural Area is rich in spiders — enough to permanently freak out an arachnophobe. But it’s also offers an incredibly diverse offering of birds, butterflies and flowers, especially considering Rosemary Scrub covers only 14 acres. It's the smallest natural area in South Palm Beach County. The area includes two short hiking trails, which combined are less than a half mile, and make the Rosemary Scrub a quick walk. Both trails are well maintained.

An accident of history made the land available to be set aside as a natural area. At one time, the land occupied a corner of a major intersection, Seacrest Boulevard and Miner Road, and developers planned to build a shopping center on the site. However, the construction of I-95 in the mid-1980s cut Miner Road in two and turned it into a minor artery, effectively killing traffic flow. Again in the 1990s, developers targeted the land for construction, this time for homes, but the decline in the neighborhood made it economically unattractive.

Species we've found on the site include milk pea, red morning glory, love vine, American pokeberry, Florida rosemary, largeflower rosemary, Feay's palafox, corkystem passion vine, banana spider, greenbriar, spanish moss, air plants, saw palmetto, brown thrasher, cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, blue jay, Spanish needle, strangler fig, cabbage palms, scrub oaks, banana spider, cicada and more. Amenities include parking, an informational kiosk and interpretive brochures.

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