Wild South Florida — Sand Fiddler Crab
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Sand Fiddler Crab
sand fiddler crab  

The sand fiddler crab, uga pugliator, roams sandy shorelines pretty much from Massachusetts to Texas, including Florida. The males are easily identified by the oversized claw they possess; females have claws that are of equal size. The males' large claws are used to attract females and to fend off male competitors. They are useless in feeding because sand fiddler crabs eat algae and decomposed material. In turn, sand fiddler crabs are food for a host of species from snook and redfish to egrets and herons to raccoons and foxes, making them an integral part of the food chain. They are burrowers, digging holes typically a foot deep, where they find shelter from tides and predators. They are small; we at first glance mistook the one at the left for leaf litter.

sand fiddler crab

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