Wild South Florida — Winding Waters Natural Area
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Winding Waters Natural Area
winding waters scene
winding waters scene
winding waters scene
winding waters scene

6161 N. Haverhill Road
West Palm Beach


This place advertises itself as a birder's paradise, and it delivers. Without really trying hard, on a really hot afternoon, we spotted at least 18 species, mostly wading birds. In July. Killdeer, stilts, osprey, bluejays, cardinals, great blues, little blues, tricolors, great whites, snowies and anhingas among them.

Winding Waters is 548 acres, much of it wet. A series of connected marshes and ponds is the main feature, and it is designed to provide habitat and nesting sites for these birds and more as the place matures. There are also pine flatwoods and hammocks around the periphery of the marshes. And, as the pictures below atest, there is a great diversity of life throughout Winding Waters.

Facilities on site include a large parking lot, informational kiosk with a map showing the three hiking trails, a canoe/kayak launch, sitting areas and a designated fishing area. There are no toilets or drinking water. Plans include a canoe/kayak trail.

Note: The entrance to Winding Waters is on the north side of the natural area along Dyer Road and across from Dyer Park.

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yellow waterlily common buckeye butterfly tricolored heron
osprey black necked stilt great blue heron american bluehearts
red-bellied woodpecker coreopsis mourning dove white peacock butterfly
pineland heliotrope ground cherry camphorweed sixlined racerunner
beauty berry motled ducks st johns wort great white egret
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