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A confluence of two passions

This website is the product of two passions: our fascination with the animals that inhabit South Florida and photography. Weather and work schedules permitting, my wife, Cynthia, and I spend a couple of hours a weel walking the boardwalk at the Green Cay Nature Preserve in rural Boynton Beach. Most of the time I have my Nikon D3000 DSLR around my neck, poised to shoot anything that catches my eye.

We’re not experts in identifying wildlife or photography for that matter, but we have picked up a fair amount of knowledge in both topics over the years. We hope to use this site as a platform to expand our knowledge and share with our readers. We also hope to learn from our readers as well.

We focus a lot on birds, mainly because of the incredible number of species that live in South Florida all or part of the year. Many others pass through here as they migrate every spring and fall to different parts of the planet.  The Green Cay website includes monthly bird census reports and migratory reports that provide a pretty good idea of what to see and when.

Our animal index includes anything that isn’t a bird: mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Our plants index focuses largely on flowering plants, but includes others found in South Florida.

We also include an index of places where to see wildlife. These are sites we’ve visited; photographs are of the plants and animals we've taken at a given location, not just representations of what supposed to be there. Our intentions are to expand the list as we continue our explorations.

We also have environmental and outdoor news and features, an almanac and a calendar of things to do — club meetings, recreational events, etc.

Everything here is a work in progress. As we see new things, we add more pages. You are invited to comment on this site and its contents. You’re also most welcome to contribute to as well.

— David Sedore and Cynthia DeLeon

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