Wild South Florida – Ceraunus Blue Butterfly
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Ceraunus Blue Butterfly
Ceraunus Blue Butterfly  

The ceraunus blue, hemiargus ceraunus, is another smallish butterfly that's fairly common throughout Florida. Host plants include hairy indigo, creeping indigo, rosary pea and partridge pea. Its range extends from the southern U.S. through Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and into South America. It can be found in all 67 Florida counties. The ceraunus blue tends to be a ground-hugger, flying just above vegetation. In South Florida, it is active all year. Habitat includes open areas – roadsides, fields, scrub and the like. This one was photographed in the Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area in Palm Beach County. It is similar to the cassius blue but has only one dark "eye spot" on each of its hind wings. You can see that spot in the photo below.

Ceraunus Blue Butterfly

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