Wild South Florida — Eastern Gray Squirrel
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Eastern Gray Squirrel
eastern gray squirrel in tree  

He's everywhere. He's everywhere. Well just about everywhere. You'll find the eastern gray squirrel, sciurus carolinensis, in deepest woods; you'll find them in the city. They're present throughout Florida (one of three squirrel species statewide) as far north as New Brunswick, west to Manitoba and Texas. They've even invaded Britain and continental Europe and South Africa. Unlike many mammals, they are creatures of the day, most active in the morning and evening. They eat nuts and seeds, berries and bark, insects, bird eggs and baby birds. But they'll also nibble on wiring insulation and house siding, making them a bit of a pest.

eastern gray squirrel

Eastern gray squirrels are serious hoarders, hiding away food in hundreds of caches for future snacking. In turn, squirrels are preyed upon by hawks, owls, raccoons, snakes, feral cats and dogs. They breed twice a year, once in late fall, early winter, the other in spring, early summer and build nests called dreys in trees. They can live to 20 years old, but more typically have a much shorter lifespan. The other two squirrel species found in Florida are the fox squirrel, so called because the face looks something like a fox, and the southern flying squirrel.
eastern gray squirrel in tree
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