Wild South Florida — North Jupiter Flatwoods Natural Area
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North Jupiter Flatwoods Natural Area
north jupiter flatwoods
north jupiter flatwoods
north jupiter flatwoods
north jupiter flatwoods

3377 Church Street


North Jupiter Flatwoods Natural Area has to rank among the most diverse preserves we've visited from a flora standpoint. We saw more different plant species in the relatively short amount of time we spent there than during longer stays at larger places. Our visit took place not long before sunset, limiting our time and our ability to photograph the place. And despite its relatively modest size — 160 acres — it has as remote a feel as the giant natural areas a few miles to its west.

North Jupiter Flatwoods has both hard-surfaced and natural trails winding through a cypress swamp and pine flatwoods with fern and grassy understories. The portion of the natural surface trail we hiked was wide but slightly overgrown. On the other hand, given what was growing there, we didn't mind. There is a corridor on the northwest corner of the tract that connects with Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

The natural area is situated at the north end of the Jupiter Community Center, where there is plenty of parking. A bridge leads into the natural area itself. Drinking water and toilets are available at the community center. Other facilities include observation platforms, kiosks and a fishing pier. There are maps along the trail showing where you are, which we found particularly helpful. Palm Beach County manages the area.

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