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Royal Palm Beach Pines Natural Area
royal palm Beach pines natural area
royal palm Beach pines natural area
royal palm Beach pines natural area
royal palm Beach pines natural area

110 Nature's Way
Royal Palm Beach


For a place that offers a wet praire as perhaps its most outstanding feature, Royal Palm Beach Pines Natural Area can be very, very dry. But even in the driest of the dry season, large-flowered pink marsh, Carolina bloodroot, pale meadowbeauty and even alligator lilies abound, hinting at the transformation that takes place here during the summer rains.

Royal Palm is more than 770 acres of mostly pine flatwoods, wet and dry, cypress dome and marshes that come and go with the seasons. The pines can be a birder's paradise fall through spring, attracting large numbers of migratory birds, including a bald eagle or two and the-all-too- rare red-headed woodpecker. The Great Florida Birding Trail recommends visiting during the cooler months, but there is enough going on here to make a trip worthwhile anytime.

There are two entrances to Royal Palm Pines; we've mapped the south, which is the one we used and most likely the easier of the two to access if you're coming from the south or east. The north entrance is 13500 40th Street North, Royal Palm Beach. Both have ample parking and connect to the network of trails. The route from the south is well-marked with Great Florida Birding Trail signs from the turn off Southern Boulevard onto Royal Palm Beach Boulevard all the way to the final turn onto Nature's Way. There is one short accessible trail leading to an covered observation platform. One trail is open to horseback riding but a permit is required. The county website says there is a portable toilet at the south entrance, but it wasn't there during our visits. There is no drinking water.


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