Wild South Florida — Turkey Vulture
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Turkey Vulture
turkey vulture  

Turkey vultures don't get as much respect as they should. They're ugly and, as scavengers, they do nature's dirty work. But by eating roadkill and other carcuses, they're actually doing us a favor by keeping down the spread of disease. They do have a cool scientific name — cathartes aura — golden purifer, according to Cornell Labs. Turkey Vultures are year-round residents of South Florida, although they seem to be more numerous in the fall and winter months. Their range extends from southern Canada through South America. At a distance, turkey vultures appear to be black, but they're actually brown. Their heads are featherless. They're easy to identify in flight as they "wobble" along, their wings in a V shape. The undersides of their wings have a distinct dark and light pattern.

turkey vulture

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