The Marsh

Plantation Preserve Linear Trail, Broward County


We've seen a dome swamp on our walk along Plantation Preserve Linear Trail, now we encounter a marsh. We humans tend to underappreciate these places as dark and forboding wastelands. One fairly prominent national politician likened the government to a swamp, and promised to drain it. To the contrary, both types of habitats play vital roles in our environment, cleaning water of fertilizers, pesticides, metals and more before it seeps back into the earth, where it eventually becomes our drinking water. This marsh near the end of the trail, does that and more, providing a refuge for birds, frogs, small fish, turtles and a multitude of insects like dragonflies. Could be some alligators lurking nearby, some water snakes, turtles of various stripes. The golf course can be seen beyond the marsh, and beyond that a few houses. This view is toward the northeast near the Trail Way (street) trailhead. FIRST PHOTO.


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