Small Meadows

Riverbend County Park


Riverbend County Park is dotted with meadows, some small, like the one above, some larger. How were they created? Some by us humans as we settled the land; some by natural forces like fire and water and wind creating and maintaining openings in places that otherwise would be covered by forest. These places provide critical habitat for grasses, sedges, wildflowers and shrubby plants that need open, sunny spaces to grow. In turn these plants provide habitat for pollinators such as bees and butterflies, birds, like wild turkeys, rabbits and other smaller animals. Park managers maintain the health of these places — and the woodlands too — through periodic prescribed burns — small, controlled, fires that mimic natural cycles. We humans tend to see fire as only a destructive force, but in nature, it also creates. Next photo.


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Photographs by David Sedore. Photographs are property of the publishers and may not be used without permission.