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Delray Beach Municipal Beach
delray municipal beach
delray municipal beach
delray municipal beach

A1A and Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach


This is the strip of land that put the beach in Delray Beach. It spans about two miles of the barrier island, from south of George Bush Avenue to about Casuarina Road. It's generally considered among the best public beaches in the region. Farther south, beyond a line of beachfront condominiums, lies Atlantic Dunes Park, which we've included as a separate entry.

The beach offers a variety of amenities for swimmers and sunbathers, and that's its focus really. But it also attracts a variety of shorebirds, and the dunes between the high water mark and A1A host a progression of plants from beach star, railroad vine and a variety of succulents to sea oats, nickerbean, mouse pineapple, necklace pod, cabbage palms and sea grapes. Laughing gulls, herring gulls, ruddy turnstones, sanderlings, black-bellied plovers forage along the water's edge. We've seen mottled ducks, yellow-crowned night herons, ospreys, woodpeckers blue jays and more.

There is plenty of metered parking along the length of A1A and in lots on the western side of the highway. Still, finding an empty spot can be difficult  depending on the time of day and time of year. There are no nature trails per se, but there are numerous paths that cut through the dunes and offer a look at beach habitats.


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spider lily beach star gull black-bellied plover
beach bean sanderling mouse's pineapple brown pelican
dune sunflower railroad vine necklace pod ruddy turnstone
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