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Atlantic Dunes Park
Palm Beach County
atlantic dunes park
atlantic dunes scene
atlantic dunes path
atlantic dunes dunes

1605 South Ocean Blvd.
Delray Beach


Atlantic Dunes Park stands out as one of the few public places in south Palm Beach County with a beachside hammock, and as a result, provides habitat for some rare and endangered plants. Huge, sprawling sea grape trees and gumbo limbo provide much of the canope for the hammock and help screen the beach from nearby condos and the traffic on A1A, creating a more tranquil atmosphere than the municipal beach to the north.

The beach itself is the primary attraction that the park offers; it isn't all that wide, stretching perhaps a couple of hundred yards, judging from the posted signs. But there is a 300-foot nature trail that winds through the hammock and part of the dune. In places, the trail is nearly impassable because of tree branches. There is paid parking onsite and across the street at two city lots but finding a space can be challenging, depending on the time of the day and time of the year. Delray Beach operates the park.

The site is home to several rare species, including clustervine and inkberry, both spotted during our visits there. Other species spotted include Virginia creeper, east coast dune sunflower, sea oats, gray nickerbean, necklace pod, cabbage palms, strangler figs, cocoplum, pricklypear, wild coffee, zebra longwing butterflies, squirrel, cardinals, grackles and various sand pipers.

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