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Delray Oaks Natural Area
Palm Beach County
oak trees
delray oaks
delray oaks
delray oaks

2012 SW 29th Street
Delray Beach


There are all kinds of trees here in this bit of forest. Sabal palms. Strangler figs. Pines. Bays. Even a paradise tree or two. But the species that stands out, of course, is the live oak. There are dozens on this 25-acre tract along Congress Avenue in Delray Beach, and they give this place its character. They create a canopy that keeps the rest of the world on the outside, despite being less than a half-mile from I-95 and bordering along busy Congress Avenue.

The trees provide a haven for birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals. Understory plants include beauty berry, greenbriar, swamp and bracken ferns, wild coffee, poke berry, and saw palmetto.There are a few scrub-like open areas that are home to hog plum, tarflower, partridge pea and golden rod.

The main trail is wheelchair accessible and ends at an observation platform overlooking a swamp strand. There’s also a short natural surface trail. The two combined are less than a half-mile. A maintenance road follows the northern and western boundaries of the property. The northern end butts up against a drainage canal. It's not the most scenic body of water, but we've seen herons, ducks, anhingas and other fowl gather there. Sidewalks bound the southern and eastern edges of the site.


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