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Helene Klein Pineland Preserve
Broward County
ruddy daggerwing feeding
A ruddy daggerwing butterfly feeding on saw palmetto at Helene Klein Pineland Preserve.
helene klein pineland preserve
helene klein pineland preserve
helene klein pineland preserve

4701 W. Hillsboro Boulevard
Coconut Creek


At 13 acres, the Helene Klein Pineland Preserve is among the smallest natural areas in South Florida, but according to the Broward County parks people who run the place, it has one of the most diverse lists of resident species of any site in the county. It has a heavy canope of pines, and the thick vegetation disguises the property's small size. It's one of three neighboring natural areas that form an urban greenway in Coconut Creek — the other two are the West Creek Pinelands and the Saw Palmetto Natural Area. Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area is nearby.

It’s named after the late Helene Klein, an environmental activist who pushed hard for the property’s inclusion in Broward County’s natural area system. She died in 2001, but Broward County bought the property for $3.4 million a year later. Amenities include ample parking, benches, a covered information kiosk, a covered picnic table, a covered overlook, and 2,250 feet of nature trails marked with interpretive signs.

Species we found on the site include yellow warbler, staggerbush, julia butterfly, zebra longwing butterfly, ruddy daggerwing butterfly, staggerbush, saw palmetto and Spanish needle.The parking lot is west of the intersection with Lyons Road next to a self-storage facility. Ignore the turning lane that begins after Lyons; it goes nowhere. The parking lot is the next right. There is also a pedestrian entrance on the north side.

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Photo Gallery for Helene Klein Pineland Preserve
daggerwing butterfly bell flowers zebra longwing butterfly yellow warbler
berries saw palmetto flowers julia butterfly fern
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