Wild South Florida — West Creek Pineland Natural Area
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West Creek Pineland Natural Area
green heron
A green heron hunts for dinner in the West Creek Canal in Coconut Creek.
west creek pineland scene
west creek pineland scene
west creek pineland scene

4800 W. Hillsboro Boulevard
Coconut Creek


West Creek Pineland Natural Area is one of three small Broward County nature preserves in the vicinity of West Hillsboro Boulevard and Lyons Road that are part of the Coconut Creek Greenway (also called the Long Pine Greenway). The Helene Klein Pineland Preserve is on the north side of Hillsboro, as is the Saw Palmetto Natural Area now under development.

West Creek is less than 7.5 acres straddling the C5 canal, aka the West Creek Canal. Access is via a sidewalk at Lyons Road and along the sidewalk on Hillsboro Boulevard. A pedestrian bridge crosses the canal. There are interpretive signs and a gazebo with seating. Public parking is available at Helene Klein, which also has toilets and drinking water.

West Creek has no other paths, nothing taking you through the woods, which are fairly tangled with saw palmetto, wild grape, Virginia creeper and poison ivy. The area does seem to have an abundance of butterflies — Coconut Creek bills itself as the butterfly capital of the world (in large measure, we suspect because of the presence of Butterfly World within its limits). We did spot julia, white peacock, zebra longwing and gulf fritiliary during our visit. The Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area is a short distance to the north off U.S. 441, as is Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Note: the map below is for Helene Klein; West Creek, not yet included in Google's maps, is directly across Hillsboro Boulevard.

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Photo Gallery for West Creek Pineland Preserve
gulf fritiliary butterfly fleabane saw palmetto flowers flowers
pondapple cow pea morning glory blue heron
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